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The Nuclear Boundaries Initiative

The Initiative

The Nuclear Boundaries Initiative fosters debate about how to reduce risks from nuclear weapons, nuclear material and nuclear equipment. It will challenge the current boundaries regarding how much risk we are willing to accept, the costs, and what benefits we seek to derive from nuclear weapons and nuclear energy. This initiative also challenges the policy boundaries that make it difficult to find creative solutions to problems, whether they are bureaucratic, technical, economic or historic.

The Nuclear Boundaries Initiative is a project of the Institute for International Science and Technology Policy. This project is possible is possible through the generous support of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.



  • Crossing Boundaries: As new opportunities for diplomacy with North Korea open up and engagement with Iran withers, to what degree are Iran and North Korea drawing lessons from the other's experiences in nuclear negotiations?
  • Shrinking Boundaries: How will the decline of U.S. nuclear industry capacity impact U.S. leadership in the nonproliferation regime?
  • Expanding Boundaries:  How will social, technological, and political transformations shape the proliferation landscape of the next 50 years?


The Institute for International Science and Technology Policy

The Institute for International Science & Technology Policy (IISTP) facilitates collaboration among scientists, policy experts, government and industry leaders on science- and technology-related issues. IISTP also collaborates with international governmental research institutes and agencies on advances in scientific and technological policy-making.

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